NYC Lip Gloss : How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

Indeed, a plump, voluminous lip is a great addition to any woman’s beauty arsenal. However, getting one through cosmetic surgery can be quite expensive, that’s why a huge number of women opt for the cheaper alternative: lip-plumping products.

To cope with this beauty demand, New York Color has produced a full line of lip glosses that promises to deliver plump, luscious lips – the NYC BIG BOLD GLOSS.


NYC or New York Color is a cosmetic brand that aims to capture the joyful hue and vibe of the Big Apple. It has released a complete line of cosmetics over the years and has earned itself a reputation of having less expensive prices for its goods. However, although the brand has been doing well over the years, not everyone would agree that it delivers great in quality.

NYC has a fairly decent site that features its products, events, and tips and tricks from its in-house make-up artists. On the other hand though, the site’s “about page”
falls short in introducing the brand very well. The brand’s beginnings and overall purpose are not presented in the site and it appears to be that the whole brand name was just discussed in three simple sentences: “No color is too bold! No style is too cool! No price is too hot!”

Product Description

The NYC Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss aims to enhance the lips of a woman by making it look fuller and more distinct. It promises to provide a lasting effect of up to 4 hours and an increase in the lips’ volume of up to 50%. True to its name, the gloss has a purposely designed mega applicator so that using it will be fast, easy and effortless.

The glosses come in 12 different colors and all of these shades produce a slight shimmering effect when applied.


The product site provides limited information regarding the main ingredients used to make the gloss. However, it has cited that the lip gloss has Vitamin E and is Paraben-free.

Suggested Use

The NYC BIG BOLD GLOSS can be used in several occasions depending on its shade. Lighter hues go great in the morning while darker ones amplify the lips better at night. And since the product comes in 12 different colors, mix and matching them is easy.


  • Price. The NYC Big Bold Gloss is indeed big in color but small in price. One item costs about only 3.99 USD. This is a very good rock-bottom price for someone who looks for a cheaper alternative to high-fashion cosmetics.
  • Variety. The gloss comes in 12 different colors.
  • Paraben-free. Paraben is a cosmetic preservative which is nowadays linked with the occurrence of breast cancer; good thing this lip gloss is free of that substance.


  • Smell. Some users claim that their olfactory senses are not happy with this product. One reviewer in particular said that its smell is too strong she couldn’t
  • help but wipe off the product after wearing it for a few minutes.
  • Texture and Lastingness. Most reviews regarding the product said that the texture is a little bit gooey and sticky which is contrary to what the product claims. Most women also say that it didn’t last for up to four hours.

Something In-between

The Huge Applicator. As compared to the average lip gloss applicator, the NYC BIG BOLD GLOSS’ applicator tip stands out in size. But this is exactly the purpose of the product – to provide a fuller, plump lip in just one application. However, not everyone has the same response to this idea. Others claim that it makes the application process messy (especially for those with thin lips) but others approve of its magnanimous tip because they can pucker up in just one swipe.

How it Works

It was not specifically stated on the site how the glosses work – but if it functions like the rest of the usual glosses then it perform its magic in this simple way – its ingredients slightly irritate the lips so that it will swell and thus look plumped-up!


The NYC BIG BOLD GLOSS can be both a woman’s friend and/or enemy, depending on her preferences. If she likes to apply the gloss in just one step then she’ll definitely love the product. Otherwise, she’ll end up saying that it’s too messy to use. On the other hand, women who love colors will really be drawn to the hue variety that the gloss offers. For women who love beauty bargains, this is definitely a wise buy, but for those who are more into quality rather than price, this product might fall short in making it to the A-list.

For more information about beauty products, below is a list of reviews we have compiled to help you decide if a make-up is hot or not!


4 thoughts on “NYC Lip Gloss : How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

  1. These glosses are so pretty! Thank you for the great pictures! I really want to try these. Like you, I wouldn’t normally pick the 24/7 Lilac color, but because of the swatch, I think that one’s the prettiest.

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