The Many Hidden Causes and Treatments of Chapped Lips

What is dry chapped lip?

According to Devinder Thappa, who is a clinical pediatric dermatologist, said that chapped lips are also referred as common cheilitis. This is characterized by the lip inflammation, cracked and peeling of the skin around the lips. In worse conditions, cheilitis can lead to splitting and bleeding of the lips.


How lips get dry chapped?

It is noticed that the skin on our lips is much thinner than that of the skin on the other parts of our face. In comparison it is pretty obvious that the skin on the lips is just made of up three to four layers while the skin on the face is made up of fifteen to sixteen layers. Also, our lips do not have as much protection as the other parts of our body have. It does not have the usual, hair or body oil that protects our body parts. This makes our lips more susceptible to drying since it can be easily affected.

Causes of dry chapped lips:

There are many different causes of chapped lips. It can range from things such as the weather to a vitamin deficiency. The following are considered to be the more common causes for chapped lips.

1. Weather – Elements in weather can cause of lips to dry out. The winter can cause chapped lips because of its strong winds and cool temperature. The summer can also affect our lips since too much exposure to the sun can make your lips chapped.
2. Mannerisms – People do not realize that certain habits such as lip licking and lip biting can also cause chapped lips but can also make it worse.
3. Infections – Certain infections and diseases also can cause your lips to dry out.
4. Vitamin Deficiency – A lack of a certain vitamin can cause your lips to become chapped. Your lips need vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E to maintain its healthy state.

Cure for dry chapped lips:

The cure for chapped lips may vary from person to person. You must always consider the main causes for your chapped lips. When your lips become more chapped which means that it is chronic and tends to recur, then it is important for you to visit to your dermatologist to have yourself checked out. Certain infections can cause chapped lips and the only cure for this would be special ointments and lip plumpers with natural ingredients that you can use. However, if your chapped lips are caused by normal reactions to the weather then constant moisturization of your lips will be the cure. Using lip balms containing beeswax and using petroleum jelly will also make your lips looking healthy in no time.


How to avoid dry, chapped lips?

The best way to avoid chapped lips is to avoid the bad things you are introducing to your body. Keeping your body healthy by drinking water, eating the proper meals and avoiding smoking can do wonders to your lip health. Also, keeping your lips moisturized will avoid any future lip chapping.

Best tips for dry chapped lips:

Using the natural lip plumpers will not only make your lips moisturized but also lock some moisture which will give relief to your lips. Always remember to never pick your chapped lips to moisturize it using your saliva. The saliva will only worsen the situation once it evaporates and will introduce bacteria to your chapped lips and make them drier.

How to get soothe chapped lips?

The only way to soothe your chapped lips is to moisturize it often. Also certain home remedies will help in the healing of your lips.

1. Although water is an essential thing in regaining your lip health, topical application of cool cucumber slices unto your lips will also help to heal, reduce irritation and relieve the dryness on your lips.
2. Another natural remedy would be to mix sugar and honey and to gently scrub it onto your lips. This serves as a natural exfoliant.

Diagnosing dry chapped lip:

Although all the above tips are extremely helpful, it is always best to consult with your dermatologist first. Certain symptoms of chapped lips can signal a more serious underlying disease. It is thus important to first rule out any serious infection or illness that can be causing your lips to become more chapped.

How to prevent dry chapped lips:

It is again important to note that to prevent your lips from becoming chapped and dry the following tips should be followed.

1. Drink plenty of water.

2. Eat the proper balance of food and nutrients that your body needs.

3. Stock up on vitamins A, C and E.

4. Avoid licking and biting your lips at all costs.

5. Always moisturize and protect your lips from the harsh elements by using the proper lip balms and oils.


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