Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss: How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

About Bobbi Brown:

Bobbi Brown is based on the philosophy that beauty should be real, approachable, and simple. Bobbi Brown launched her collections in 1991. Bobbi Brown itself became a household name for it and in high demand as a celebrity make-up artist, and the Bobbi Brown line today includes not only cosmetics and make-up brushes but also fragrances and skincare treatments that are loved worldwide.


Product Information:

Bobbi has sized up all her lip glosses to give you an extra dose of shine to our lips. This lip gloss is formulated with such soothing botanical extracts – which includes Avocado, Jojoba and Chamomile Oils, and Aloe Extract. This helps to keep lips soft and supple; plus the new tapered applicator lets you apply it like a pro only. It is scented with a hint of Vanilla.

Bobbi brown lip gloss combines gorgeous, light-catching shimmer with lasting and non-sticky shine. It is made with fine pearls and clear pigments which stays color-true and gives lips beautiful, brilliant dimension. Plus it’s enriched with emollients and Vitamins C and E to moisturize, condition and protect your lips, so they feel as good as they look. Whether you wear it on its own or on top of your favorite Lip Color, the new tapered applicator lets you to apply it.

What it is:

It’s nothing but a lip gloss with a sheer, non-sticky shine with a hint of color.


  • It suits all skin types.
  • It has moisturizing effect.
  • Brush included with it.
  • Factor – 15 SPF.
  • Volume – 4.2 ml.


What it does:

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss helps to keep lips soft and supple. It’s scented with a hint of vanilla.

Suggested Usage:

Brush on clean, bare lips, or layer over a Bobbi Brown lipstick.


Honeysuckle Lip Gloss: It’s a nude pink with the slightest hint of gold micro-shimmer. This one is definitely my favorite one of the collection.

Bronzed Heather High Shimmer Lip Gloss: Many customers think that this one is super frosty by using just a tiny bit on top of your nude lip color for a pop of extra glam shimmer.

Twilight Shimmer Lip Gloss: A bronzy rose shade with gold shimmer- this is the keep-in-your-purse lip gloss because it will go with nearly each and every look!

Evening Rose Lip Gloss: A deep, brownish plum cream. This one is a super sultry pick for evening out!


  • Non-gritty texture.
  • Sheer and shiny lip gloss.
  • It has minty flavor.
  • Leaves lips feeling refreshed and slight tingle.
  • Visibly high shimmer.
  • Gives your lips brilliant shine.


  • It’s a semi sticky formula.
  • Requires several applications for one wear.


Bobbi Brown lip gloss has all universal shades to add to the line-up; these ones really pull together the Desert Twilight collection and offer bronze nudes and pinks with various cream and pearl textures. Not too sticky, but still enough thickness to last on the lips.


2 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss: How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

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